Amna Hassan

Expert Graphic Designer

Amna Hassan is a product designer-turned-marketer. She strongly believes in empowering the community and started her professional career in the social impact sector. She has successfully demonstrated her design expertise in several projects such as “Youth for Education Conference” by U.S Consulate, “Heritage Now” by British Council and “Beyond the Buzz’, Pakistan’s most comprehensive research on the startup ecosystem of Pakistan. Attending the three week Rajeev Circle Fellowship allowed her to explore the maker culture in Silicon Valley. She also explored the impact sector in New Zealand sponsored by DFAT. Rahnumai aims to increase higher education enrollment, especially for students who do not have direct access to universities across Pakistan. Rahnumai has launched "Rahnumai Skills" a skills development program based on real-world learning. Rahnumai Skills offers more than just one area of expertise bringing everything that your university degree leaves out.